Developing Foolproof Recruitment Process

The recruitment process may vary from company to company based on the organizational structure, selection process, nature of operations, etc.
 But any well-planned recruitment process should help the hiring company and agency team recruit the right candidate.

Here at Kangaroo HR, we follow a 7-step recruitment process that helps us find, attract and retain the right kind of candidates. The steps are;

  • Identify the hiring needs (Employer Requirements)
  • Prepare job descriptions (By Employer or Agency)
  • Devise recruitment strategy
  • Screen and shortlist candidates
  • Conduct interviews
  • Evaluate and make the offer
  • Onboard the new employee

Conduct interviews

Some Virtual platform for Interview due to COVID-19

More and more companies are conducting job interviews via Internet video calling tools including Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Microsoft
teams and Google meets due to COVID 19 where arranging candidates in one place is difficult. These applications provide hiring managers
with convenience, spontaneity and the flexibility to talk to people in other regions and time zones, especially when hiring remote workers or
employees for new office locations. They also save time and money, as companies can conduct an initial interview with an applicant without
 committing the time and expense of having them travel to the office to meet. When a hiring manager has numerous candidates they need to
screen, online video chatting enables them to accomplish this quickly and easily

How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview: 10 Tips

  • Get familiar with the technology
  • Set up a distraction-free area
  • Be on-time but not early
  • Prepare answers to the most common questions
  • Write down questions to ask them
  • Choose your interview outfit
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Work on your body language
  • Double-check the date, time, and time zone
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you need it

Demand Process flow chart

  • Demand by Employer
  • Demand flow 
  • Demand Letter will be sent to DOFE for Pre-Approval
  • Collection of Candidates by Branch, PRO and Recruitment Coordinator (User Role)
  • Candidate shortlisting, CV Screening will be done by above team for final Interview
  • CV scanning and uploading will be done by Sr. Admin or Document Officer (Super User)
  • Under Operation Manager or CEO Virtual Interview will be organized (Super Admin Role)
  • Client will do candidates interview themselves or can assign Recruitment Agency to do interview on behalf of them.
  • Selection list will be provided after completion of interview
  • All set of documents (Medical, evaluation form, Job Application form, CV, Academic Certificates, Experience Certificates and Training
     Certificates) will be send to Employer for visa process
  • Candidates visa will be issued and sent by Employer to Recruitment Agency for final approval
  • Final approval will be taken after completing all formalities
  • Flight Booking and dates will be share to employer as advised by them or as per their convenient.
  • Candidates will be briefed about their job, salary, country, religion, working hours, salary and other relevant information before departure
     by Recruitment agency
  • Candidate Deployment
  • Received candidate by employer on their respective country
  • Deployed in work after finishing all formalities in working country.